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Compatible with CE: 1.6, 1.6.1,, 1.7, 1.8, 1.8.1, 1.9, 1.9.1, 1.9.2, 1.9.3

Magento Mega Menu Pro

$ 79.00

Magento Mega Menu extension is the advanced mega menu with more than 20 menu layouts, also provides the vertical menu to left side on any page of your website.

  • 20 different layout of Mega Menu.
  • Without touching HTML and CSS you can modify the Menu.
  • Vertical menu on the left sidebar on any page.
  • 3 columns mega menu.
  • Category custom label.
  • HTML in header footer.
  • Content Only Menu.
  • Products listing based on category.
New updated features:
  • Horizontal mega menu at main navigation.
  • Category Icon.
  • Custom links in mega menu with custom dropdown.
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Rootways' advanced mega menu extension is your solution to create the best sitemap right on the main navigation bar of your website. Using mega menu you can display categories up to 4th level, you can also display content, images, products, contact form, header, and footer in your website's main navigation. You can also display vertical navigation on any page. Rootways Mega Menu has more than 15 layouts of the mega menu, you can set any layout for the specific category. Rootways mega menu is flexible for mobile, tablet, and all responsive screens. Without touching HTML and CSS you can modify mega menu layout from admin settings. You can set different layout and menu type for top menu and vertical menu.

Create Professional looking Magento Navigation Menu. All your categories and sub-categories are easy to find with this extension. Add featured content in Navigation menu with Right/Left CMS block. Promote products/services with 'Add to cart' feature directly in the navigation menu. Display 3rd level categories in attractive popup style. Select font color, background color, active menu font color with easy options from admin. No need to learn HTML and CSS. Very User-friendly and easy to install. It doesn't affect your site speed.

All Feature List

  • Horizontal and vertical mega menu.
  • 20 different types of Mega Menu.
  • Just select mega menu types and change mega menu layout.
  • Full and half width menu.
  • 3 columns menu.
  • Display sub-categories upto 4th level
  • Manage design from admin.
  • Category custom labels.
  • Category Icon.
  • Set number of columns.
  • Add Custom links or custom menu with custom dropdown to main navigation
  • View More link for much categories.
  • Display products.
  • Products based on categories
  • Content only menu.
  • Category image icons.
  • Manage height and width of category image icon.
  • Add vertical menu on specific page.
  • Header and footer with HTML. Allow WYSIWYG editor.
  • CMS static block within Mega Menu.
  • Manage position of content.
  • Add products to cart directly from the menu.
  • Arranging Position of Categories.
  • Hide and show specific category from mega menu.
  • Choose to show home icon or not.
  • Hide and show category image icon
  • Contact form in menu. Form is submitted using Ajax without reloading page.
  • Vertical mega menu type in top menu as well in vertical menu.
  • Responsive.
  • Easy to install, configure and use.
  • Support by Rootways - any questions, we are here to help you.

Types of Horizontal Mega Menu

You can show the categories, sub-categories, products and featured content in top navigation. Just enable horizontal mega menu from your Magento admin. You can also choose whether or not to display a particular category in this top navigation mega menu.

Rootways Mega Menu Pro Extension
Rootways Mega Menu Pro Extension
Rootways Mega Menu Pro Extension
Rootways Mega Menu Pro Extension
Rootways Mega Menu Pro Extension
Rootways Mega Menu Pro Extension
Rootways Mega Menu Pro Extension
Rootways Mega Menu Pro Extension
Rootways Mega Menu Pro Extension
Rootways Mega Menu Pro Extension
Rootways Mega Menu Pro Extension
Rootways Mega Menu Pro Extension
Rootways Mega Menu Pro Extension
Rootways Mega Menu Pro Extension
Rootways Mega Menu Pro Extension

Types of Vertical Mega Menu

Vertical Mega Menu can be set from the admin panel directly. The sub-categories and links are displayed by mouse over effect. You can choose appropriate menu type to display in this vertical mega menu. You can display categories in vertical menu along with horizontal top menu.

Rootways Mega Menu Pro Extension
Rootways Mega Menu Pro Extension
Rootways Mega Menu Pro Extension
Rootways Mega Menu Pro Extension
Rootways Mega Menu Pro Extension
Rootways Mega Menu Pro Extension
Rootways Mega Menu Pro Extension
Rootways Mega Menu Pro Extension
Rootways Mega Menu Pro Extension

Features Details:

20 Different Types of Mega Menu

Select from a wide range of awesome menu types. Rootways Mega Menu Pro has 20 different, beautiful menu types. Choose from the simple dropdown to more advanced menu types such as Full width-left/right content, tabbing menu, products only and many others. You can select appropriate menu type from your Magento admin under Menu Type for any category.

Magento Mega Menu

Full and Half Width Menu

In this latest update, select menu types in full width or half width sizes. Both, full width and half width menu types have extraordinary layout to feature sub-categories and links, CMS blocks. Now you can include CMS block in full/half width subcategory layout too.

Magento Mega Menu

Left/Right Content with full width menu type

Need to grab user's attention about a particular category? Then choose Rootways Mega Menu with menu type "Full width - sub category with right/left block". First impressions matter, when user is interacting with navigation menus. With this type of navigation menu you can add content or images related to the category. Make your navigation pane attractive and eye catching with images or creative content describing the category.

Magento Mega Menu

Left/Right Content with half width menu type

With Mega Menu Pro, you can add CMS blocks in half width sizes menu. You only have to select which CMS block to show from mega menu settings from your Magento admin, and it will automatically be displayed on either the right or left side depending n whichever option you have selected in 'Menu Type', for example 'Half width-links with right block/left block' will show CMS block on right/left side.

Magento Mega Menu

3 Columns Menu

You can display categories with CMS block on both left and right side using Rootways Mega Menu 'Category - with Left and Right Block' menu type. This menu type serves many purpose as you can add featured content on both sides with categories/ sub-categories in-between.

Magento Mega Menu

Category with Product Listing

Rootways Mega Menu has a unique menu type where you can display categories on the left side and display its products when a particular category is hovered over. You can display products based on categories in tabbing view manner.

Magento Mega Menu

Custom Links or Custom Menu

If you want to add any custom links like About us, Services, Policy, etc, anchor text to your mega menu then you can add it using Rootways Mega Menu's 'Custom Links' option from configuration. No need to add separate category to display Custom Menu links. Just add name of the Custom Menu and link it to any page you want. You can also arrange position of this Custom Menu link and add any number of Custom Menu links in Top and Vertical Menu.

Magento Mega Menu

Set the Number of Columns

Set the number of columns according to your needs with both half and full width sizes. You just to have select the number of columns you want, and it will automatically show sub-categories sorted in that number of columns.

Magento Mega Menu

Category Images

With this mega menu pro extension, you can add category icon/image with any category or sub-category. You can also set image height and width from menu settings. Make your navigation menu more user-friendly by adding custom icon/images with categories and sub-categories.

Magento Mega Menu

Category Custom Label

You can display labels with any category like HOT, NEW, SALE, EXLUSIVE or whatever text you want. You can display the label with categories and sub-categories. You can set different text and colors for the label for different categories. Category label is fully manageable from admin and you can add the label with any menu type.

Magento Mega Menu

Category Icon

You can display top level categories icon. You can decide whether you want to show categories icon or not from admin configuration. It's so simple!

Magento Mega Menu

Horizontal Mega Menu

You can display sub-categories in horizontal layout.

Magento Mega Menu

Tabbing menu to 4th level of category

You can display up-to 4th level of categories with tabbing menu. Now, give your users a clear idea of where they can find the item they want in such an easy manner.

Magento Mega Menu

Header and footer for mega menu

You can add header and footer with HTML in the menu. Just choose the option to add the header and footer, then add HTML or text for it. That's it! The header and footer HTML will automatically appear in the content featured in menu dropdown for that particular category. You can display any custom HTML to your mega menu header and footer. Style it any way you want with WYSIWYG editor.

Magento Mega Menu

Popup in mega menu

You can display sub-categories in popup only if sub-category has its sub-categories, this popup manager automatically based on sub-categories. You can display up-to 4th level of sub-categories in the popup.

Magento Mega Menu

Display Products

By choosing 'Products Only' menu type, you can showcase your best products directly in this mega menu. For any category in your store, choose our products only menu type and add products under that category. These products can be added to cart or you can view the product detail page.

Magento Mega Menu

View More Links for More Categories

If there are many categories to level-1 then you can add 'View More' link to your website main navigation and display extra categories under this link. You can decide how many categories you want to display in main navigation and after that, all categories are displayed under view more link.

Magento Mega Menu

Content Only Menu

If you want to display only content or HTML to dropdown of category then you can set Rootways Mega Menu 'Content Only' menu type. It lets you display content in both Full width and Half width menu size.

Magento Mega Menu

Contact Form in Mega Menu

With this unique feature you can add contact form in the mega menu directly. You can also add a CMS block along the with contact form. This CMS block can be treated as a short 'About us' description for your company/store.

Magento Mega Menu

Manage Design from Admin

You can change the design of menu types easily from your Magento store's admin. You can select which font color, background color and active menu font color, on mouse-over background and font color to set for your store's mega menu with Rootways Mega Menu Pro. No need to learn CSS and HTML.

Magento Mega Menu

Hide or Show Specific Category from Mega Menu

You can choose if you want to show specific categories only in the top navigation or vertical menu.

Magento Mega Menu


Rootways Mega Menu has a responsive menu which gives the same user experience on any sized screen. It is flexible and adaptive to the various types of screen sizes it's being viewed on. Now, no more loading a huge site where you have to zoom in and out to find the content you're looking for.

Magento Mega Menu
Docs & FAQ
Can I change design of mega menu from admin?
Yes you can. You can do it from Admin->System->Configuration->Rootways-> select Mega Menu from here. You can change "Top Menu Design" and "Vertical Menu Design" by simply selecting colors and options.
How many levels of categories does the Mega Menu extension support?
The depth of the advanced menu depends on the backend settings with categories. You can display categories up to 4 levels.
Happy Customers

Customer Reviews 3 item(s)

Good Features
This extension fulfills my all requirements with the menu. Thank you.
Review by Logan_wyatt / (Posted on 1/31/2017)
Fantastic support from developer
Has all the functions that you need and best part is the developer helped me fix the conflict with my theme. Theme we had purchased also has a basic mega menu but not the best. I has purchased installation and developer did the uninstall of old menu and install of the new menu for us. I had to change the domain name from .net to .com after few months and they did fix th license for new domain right away. Happy to recommend your extension and service.
Review by James_Regan / (Posted on 12/18/2016)
Excellent Support and Great Product
It is perfect for my store and I'm so excited for launch now that I have a beautiful storefront that I can easily customize to meet my needs.

Beautiful theme and nice work there...Cheers

Thanks Rootways for your support.

This extension is highly recommended!

Very grateful customer here!

I will definately return to Rootways !
Review by Vladi1974 / (Posted on 11/24/2016)

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