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Integrate ChannelAdvisor with Magento 2

Synchronize product, inventory, and order between ChannelAdvisor and Magento eCommerce website

Product Synchronization – Real-time

Add products from Magento to ChannelAdvisor with Rootways ChannelAdvisor integration extension. Using our extension, when you add any product from your Magento admin, that product will get automatically added to your ChannelAdvisor.

Following is the product filed which we are sying from Magento to ChannelAdvisor by our extension.

  • SKU
  • Name
  • Images
  • Special Price
  • Regular Price
  • Condition
  • Brand
  • Manufacturer
  • Custom attributes.
Inventory Synchronization in Real-time

You are free from manually updating quantities of the product in your ChannelAdvisor after installing the Rootways ChannelAdvisor extension for Magento 2. Instead, inventory of the product will be automatically synced between the two platforms.

  • Real-time inventory synchronization.
  • When you receive an order on the Magento website, quantity gets updated in ChannelAdvisor automatically.
  • When you create an order in the ChannelAdvisor, quantity gets updated in Magento automatically.
  • When you update product quantity (Stock level) in Magento, it will automatically update ChannelAdvisor.
  • Likewise, when you update product quantity (Stock level) in ChannelAdvisor, Magento will automatically update it.
  • Magento 2 ChannelAdvisor sync in real-time, and ChannelAdvisor to Magento inventory sync is cron based.
Order Synchronization in Real-time

Create seamless integration of orders from Magento to ChannelAdvisor when you use the Rootways ChannelAdvisor integration extension. When you receive an order in your Magento storefront, that order is synced with your ChannelAdvisor software. All the details of the order will be available in your ChannelAdvisor application.

  • Add order from Magento to ChannelAdvisor automatically when an order is generated in Magento.
  • All in real-time, no delay.

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Magento 2 ChannelAdvisor Integration

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Magento Extension by Certified Developer

Magento 2 ChannelAdvisor Integration

Sync data between Magento 2 website and ChannelAdvisor using Rootways ChannelAdvisor extension.
  • Sync Product Between ChannelAdvisor And Magento 2.
  • Sync Inventory Between ChannelAdvisor And Magento 2
  • Sync Customer Between ChannelAdvisor And Magento 2
  • Sync Orders Between ChannelAdvisor And Magento 2
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