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Magento 2.4.3 support ends November 28, 2022, Let's upgrade your store to Magento 2.4.6 version.
Chase Payment for Magento 2 | Chase Paymentech
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Compatible with CE,EE & ECE: 2.4.x - 2.4.6

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Magento Extension by Certified Developer
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Chase Payment for Magento 2 | Chase Paymentech

Our Chase payment extension allows you to capture payment by credit card to your Chase account on your Magento 2 store. It also allows customers to securely save credit cards to their accounts during checkout.
New updated features:
  • Generate credit card token by validating $0
  • Save credit card info only at the time of order; no amount actual charge in Chase.

Click here to get Chase europe dynamic hosted payment page(DHPP)

If you are not sure about the domain name, please enter "" you can always change the domain name later.
Domain name only, no IP address allowed.


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Chase Paymentech is a leader in the merchant services and payment processing business of JPMorgan Chase. Chase Paymentech can authorize payment transactions in more than 130 currencies. They provide advanced business analytics, payment fraud detection, and data security solutions. They support businesses of all sizes to process payments including credit cards, debit cards, mobile payments and more alternative payment options.

The Chase Payment Gateway extension is an advanced payment integration for Magento 2 that provides powerful options for accepting payments via Chase. Allow your customers to securely purchase on your website with a credit card without leaving your website.

Rootways Chase Paymentech payment module helps merchants to capture credit card payment from Magento 2 website to Chase Paymentech account. Chase Payment extension allows you to capture, refund, void and cancel an order from the Magento website without going to Chase virtual terminal.

Rootways Chase Payment Module has a Tokenization feature that allows you to save your credit card data to the Chase secure server and then in the future, you can generate orders using saved credit card without entering any credit card detail to the checkout page.
Credit card information and/or any sensitive information is not saved in the Magento website, so its fully secure payment method.

Below is how our Chase Tokenization (Save Credit Card) feature works in our extension.
When a user saves credit card from the Magento website at that time our extension adds customer profile to Chase Paymentech server with all required details of customer, Chase generates one token and we linked this token to the customer account in the Magento website and the customer can order using this token.

All Features List

  • Chase Safetech Fraud Analysis. supported by our extension.
  • On site and hosted iframe both payment method provided by us.
  • Enable on-site and hosted both payment method at the same time.
  • Embedded Hosted Payment Form.
  • Accept payments using a credit card right on your website.
  • Save Token only instead of capturing the actual amount using validating the credit card feature.
  • Supports "Authorize only" or "Authorize and Capture" payment actions.
  • Saved credit card feature. (Tokenization)
  • Compatible with Magento Vault
  • Allows ordering using saved cards from the front-end.
  • Admin can order with saved card from the Magento admin.
  • Manage saved credit cards from My Account.
  • Customer Profile.
  • Online Refund from the Magento admin.
  • Support Partial Refund.
  • Capture authorize only order from the Magento admin.
  • Support Partial Capture/Invoice.
  • Void Order from the Magento admin
  • Cancel Order from the Magento admin
  • Generate order from the admin.
  • AVS and CVV verification.
  • Display AVS and CVV response data at admin order.
  • Supports orders with the multi-address shipment.
  • Multi store supported (You can enter different Chase account detail for each website and store.)
  • Send full billing address to Chase server.
  • Send full shipping address to Chase server.
  • Support Level 2 data.
  • Supports all major credit cards.
  • Set minimum and maximum order total to enable this payment method.
  • Easy to install and configure.
  • Google reCAPTCHA Verification.
  • Compatible with Scotiabank Canada, Chase Merchant Services.
  • Fully PCI compliance.


  • Fully PCI compliance with Hosted Payment Form.
  • Enter credit card details to the Chased hosted iFrame.
  • SafetechTM Fraud Analysis.
  • Secure by Chase Paymentech APIs.
  • No credit card data or any sensitive data stored on the Magento database. Only token save in the Magento Vault.
  • Secured by AVS (Address Verification) and CVV verification.

What is Chase Paymentech Test Cases for Certification?

Ans: To get a production chase account detail you have to go through a test cases certification process. For that first, you have to send your requirements docs to Chase technical support team, then they will review your requirements document and they will give you a document of test cases and they will also give you a developer account of the Chase. The number of test cases will depend on the feature you have selected in your requirement document.

Once the certification process is completed, merchants will be benefitted with a secure payment solution that fully utilizes Chase’s APIs integration with your website. It will keep customers on-site during checkout, improving their trust and conversions for your store.

If you need help with the certification, send us an email to [email protected] with details and we will help you complete this process. Visit this page if you did not select this service at the time of ordering Chase Payment for Magento 2 | Chase Paymentech

Why Chase Payment?

  • Accept Major Credit Cards – Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®, and JCB.
  • Customer checkout experience is highly customizable for different themes; customers never leave your site during checkout.
  • Process refunds/voids within Magento.
  • Capture authorized funds directly within the Magento admin.
  • Accept payments from international customers.
  • Show detailed decline messages at checkout instead of a generic message.
  • Support by Rootways - any questions we are here to help you.

How to Get Started?

1. Buy our extension.
2. Download and install into your Magento store.
3. Log in to your Chase Virtual Terminal account (sign up here if you don’t have an account yet) and grab your test Merchant and Terminal Ids.
4. Complete the certification test cases to get your production credentials.
5. Save your credentials in settings under Magento Admin > STORES > Configuration > SALES > Payment Gateways.
6. That’s it! You can now collect payments from your customers using your Chase Account.

Features Details:
What is Safetech Fraud Analysis?

Chase Paymentech provides its customers with this tool that provides a fraud score for each transaction. This score indicates the risk level associated with the transaction. Additional benefits include transaction monitoring, advanced fraud detection technologies, Safetech Encryption, and customizable rules setup. This helps you retain legitimate sales and prevent fraudulent transactions.

Magento Chase Extension
On-site Credit Card Payment Method:

Rootways Chase's on-site credit card payment method allows user to enter their credit card details on the Magento checkout page without leaving the Magento website and an order is processed.

Magento Chase Extension
Chase Hosted Payment Form:

This feature will load the Chase hosted payment form on the Magento checkout page, it is embedded in an iFrame. Users will enter all the credit card details in the Chase iframe instead of in the Magento checkout, by doing this you are making your checkout meet the PCI standards and it's a more secure way to collect payment from your Magento website.

Many time users do not like to leave the website for payment processing, but if you want to capture payment from your website then you must have to follow all PCI standards for your website and you must have to run a PIC scan periodically, this is some time matter of cost and time. This embedded iframe is an answer to all these problems, if you use iframe then the customers can pay without leaving your website and you are also free from PCI standards as the customer is entering their credit card in Chase iframe.

Magento Chase Extension
Save Credit Card (Tokenization):

The tokenization feature of our Chase extension allows users to save credit cards from the Magento checkout page. Users can choose whether they want to save credit cards for future use or not. Using this saved credit card feature, users can generate an order in the future without entering credit card details again, they just have to choose the saved credit card on the checkout page.

Our extension only saves credit card token in the Magento database under the Magento Vault table. It does not save any credit card details on to your Magento database as per the Magento standards.

Magento Chase Extension
Order by Saved Token:

Magento website customers can generate orders using a saved credit card token without entering any credit card detail on the checkout page. User can see all their previously saved credit card token on the checkout page, user can choose credit card using that they want to generate an order.

Magento Chase Extension
Manage Saved Credit Card from My Account:

Customer can manage their saved credit cards from the “My Account” section of your Magento store’s front-end. Customer can see their all the saved credit card in the "Stored Payment Methods" page. Here customers can see the last 4 digits of saved credit cards, expiry date of the credit card, and the type of credit card. Customer can delete their credit card any time from this page.

Magento Chase Extension
Magento Vault:

Yes, our Chase Paymentech extension is compatible with Magento Vault! Magento Vault as a payment method allows the customer to generate order with saved credit card token. When customers opt to "save credit card for the future" use from the Checkout page our extension saves that credit card token to the Magento vault instead of our custom database table. Magento Vault module is provided by the Magento core team, we are using this module to save our Chase token as Magento Vault stores token safely.

Also, the token saved in the Magento Vault helps you to capture recurring or subscription payments.

Magento Chase Extension
PCI Compliance

If you are using our hosted payment form payment method customers are entering their credit card details in Chase embedded iframe window so it makes it secure and PCI Compliant. Chase iframe window makes your job easier to follow PCI standards since payment is handled directly by Chase hosted form.

Magento Chase Extension
Order from Admin:

This Chase payment extension allows you to create orders and capturing payments from the Magento admin. You can see the Rootways Chase payment method under the payment method section while creating an order from the admin.

Admin can also generate orders with a saved credit card token from the Magento admin. While admin is generating the order from the admin, they can see all the saved credit card token under the payment method section, admin can select any one saved card from them and generate an order without entering any credit card details.

Magento Chase Extension
Enable Each Payment Method Separately:

Rootways Chase payment extensions allow merchant to enable each payment method and manage each payment method separately. This means if you want to enable both on-site credit card and hosted payment form at the same time then you can do this.

If you want to enable an on-site payment method for your one website/store and enable hosted payment form for your other website/store then you can do this with our extension. Also, you can manage all the settings of both payment methods separately.

Magento Chase Extension
Address verification and CVV Verification:

While generating the order, whether to examine the CVV number or not, it's controlled from the admin side. You can manage Address Verification(AVS) for authenticating the billing address with the entered credit card address

Magento Chase Extension
Google reCAPTCHA Verification:

Rootways Chase Payment is secured and validated by Google invisible reCAPTCHA at the time of generating the order. Fraud attack can be prevented using the Rootways Google reCAPTCHA feature.

Magento Chase Extension

Rootways Chase Extension allows you to refund payment to the customer from the Magento admin.

Magento Chase Extension
Partial Refund:

Rootways Chase Extension allows you to refund partial payment to the customer from the Magento admin..

Magento Chase Extension
Capture Pre Authorize Transaction:

Rootways Chase extension allows you to capture the transaction which is authorized previously from the Magento checkout page.

Magento Chase Extension
Partial Capture(Invoice):

With the Rootways Chase extension, you can generate multiple invoice for your customer from the Magento admin.

Magento Chase Extension
Void and Cancel Order:

Rootways Chase payment extension allows you to cancel and void order value from the Magento admin.

Magento Chase Extension
Allow Countries:

You can allow Chase payment gateway method for specific countries only or for all countries. You can change this configuration from the admin settings.

Magento Chase Extension
Manage Mini and Max Order Total:

You can easily set the minimum and maximum order total amount from the admin configuration. You can allow Chase payment gateway only if order total is between a minimum and maximum order total amount.

Magento Chase Extension


Stable Build

Current Version



05 May, 2023

Magento platform compatibility

Open Source (CE): 2.3.x, 2.4.x
Magento Commerce (EE): 2.3.x, 2.4.x


Magento 2 Extension

Customer Questions
Does it work on the Magento 2.4.3

Yes, it is compatible with Magento 2.4.3 The demo of this extension is running on Magento 2.4.3

Does the extension allow customers to save credit card info for future purchases?

As of now, our extension does not allow the saving of credit cards on your Magento store. However, we can customize the extension to store credit cards with Payment Gateway itself, and use the token generate for future credit card processing. There is an extra cost involved with this customization. Also referred to as Tokenizations .Please send us an email at [email protected] for further assistance.

Does this extension support recurring payments?

This extension does not support recurring payments. However, we are able to customize the extension to process recurring payments. There is an additional cost involved with this customization. Please send us an email at [email protected] for further assistance.

Which Payment Countries are supported by your Payment Gateway Extension?

If your country supports Payment Gateway, chances are our extension will work in that country. If your country is not on the list of supported countries for Payment Gateway, our extension will not work. Please check with your Payment Service provider for more information.

Do you support CVV and AVS verification?


Do you provide an option to pass CSS URL, callback URL, return URL in real-time?


Do you support 3D secure? If yes which version?

Yes. Version 2.

Do you support the save Credit Card option in DHPP(Dynamic Hosted Payment Page)?


Please share the credit card list. Which do you support for DHPP(Dynamic Hosted Payment Page)?


Do you support google captcha for DHPP(Dynamic Hosted Payment Page)?


Do you support AVS and CVV verification for DHPP(Dynamic Hosted Payment Page)?


Do you support the save Credit Card option in HPF(Hosted Payment Form)?


Do you support google captcha for HPF(Hosted Payment Form)?


Do you support AVS and CVV verification for HPF(Hosted Payment Form)?


Please, mind that only logged in users can submit questions
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Version 4.0.1 - 05 May, 2023
  • Compatible with Magento 2.4.6
  • Compatible with PHP 8.2
Version 4.0.0 - 27 Feb, 2023
  • Compatible with Magento 2.4.5
  • Create a credit card token with $0 Authentication.
Version 3.0.5 - 28 May, 2022
  • Compatible with Magento 2.4.4
  • Compatible with PHP 8.1
Version 3.0.4 - 20 Sep, 2021
  • Compatible with Magento 2.4.3
  • Updated debug log code to make it compatible with Magento 2.4.3
  • Security Updates and general Improvements.
Version 3.0.3 - 10 June, 2021
  • Compatible with Magento 2.4.2.
  • Google reCAPTCHA variable Type declaration issue fixed.
Version 3.0.2 - 03 May, 2021
  • Fixed issue when passing Zip+4 postal code.
Version 3.0.1 - 28 April, 2021
  • Compatible with 2.4.2.
  • Few security improvements.
Version 3.0.0 - 18 Feb, 2021
  • Compatible with Magento Vault.
Version 2.0.0 - 03 Feb, 2021
  • Compatible with 2.4.1
  • Add new payment method: Chase Hosted Payment Form.
  • Improvement of payment page layout on the checkout page.
  • General improvements and bug fixing.
Version 1.0.6 - 18 Dec, 2020
  • Choose from admin that, whether you want to allow your customer to save a credit card from the checkout or not.
  • Fixed issue of the length of a customer IP address with Magento cloud version.
Version 1.0.5 - 20 Nov, 2020
  • Ignore Google reCAPTCHA when an order will be generated by API.
Version 1.0.4 - 06 Oct, 2020
  • Google reCAPTCHA Verification.
Version 1.0.3 - 08 Sep, 2020
  • Compatible with 2.4.0
Version 1.0.2 - 8 May, 2020
  • Safetech Fraud Analysis.
  • Payment log at var/log
Version 1.0.1 - 11 Nov, 2019
  • Display error message thrown by the Chase server..
  • Added validations to request parameters.
  • Supports order with multi address shipping.
  • Fixed ACL Role issue.
  • Display AVS and CVV data to the admin side.
  • General improvements.
Version 1.0.0 - 17 Feb, 2018
  • Initial release.
  • Credit card payment without leaving the website.
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  • Adobe Solution Partner

    Rootways is an official Adobe Magento Bronze Solution Partner.

  • Magento 2 Certified Developer

    Extension is developed by Magento 2 Certified Developer.

  • Secure Payment Process

    We use a secure checkout process, not saving any sensitive customer credit card data.

  • Simple Licensing

    Use on unlimited stores and website of a single Magento installation.

  • Professional Installation Service

    We will be happy to provide you professional installation service. Contact us for pro installation.

  • Free Update

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  • Full Open Source

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  • Following Magento® Standards

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  • Modules tested by professionals

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  • Extensive Documentation

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