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Upgrade Magento 1 to Magento 2
Upgrade Magento 1 to Magento 2

Important Note: If you are looking to upgrade your Magento 2 website to the latest version of Magento 2 then refer to our Magento 2 upgrade service

Magento 1 End of Life June 2020

Back in February 2017, Magento announced that it would be ending support for Magento 1 in November 2018. However, this was recently extended to June 2020. End of the life means after June 2020 Magento 1 will be not supported.

What does it mean by end of Magento 1's life?
  • Magento will not add any new version of Magento 1.
  • Magento will not add any new security patches for Magento 1.
  • Magento will not fix any existing bugs in Magento 1 latest version.
  • You will not get any support for Magento 1 website from the Magento company.
  • Neither you will find any new extensions for Magento 1 nor extension companies will add any new feature for its existing extension, as Magento 1 is outdated.
  • The extension development company will not develop any new extensions for Magento 1.

Migrate Magento 1 to Magento 2

Below is the Rootways upgrade process.
  • We setup your website on staging server.
  • We install the latest version of Magento 2 to the staging server.
  • We integrate HTML or theme given by you. You have to give us HTML or theme
  • We test the website and fix bugs that are covered during the installation.
  • We provide you website access for testing.
  • After it has been tested by you and approved from your side, we will make it live.

What’s Included in our Magento upgrade service:

  • Integrate HTML or theme given by you to Magento 2 website. (Upto 5 HTML pages only.)
  • Install up to 10 third-party extensions provided by you that are compatible with installed Magento version.
  • Spend up to 5 hours
  • If your website has any Rootways extension then we will upgrade to the latest version free of cost.

What may cost extra are:

  • Data migration cost.
  • Theme and design related changes.
  • Customization or fixing bugs of any third-party extension or module.
  • Any new module installation.

What we need from your side:

- HTML or Magento 2 Theme.
- Magento 2 extensions.
- Magento 1 website FTP login detail.
- Magento 1 website Cpanel login detail.
- Please submit your details securely from Customer Support Page.

NOTE: Some conditions apply.

Reasons to upgrade to Magento 2
  1. Technology Enhancement:
    • Magento 2 uses the latest technologies and the latest versions of PHP (7.3.x), HTML5, CSS 3, Less, Knockout JS and the most recent versions of JQuery.
  2. Improved Security and Website Performance:

    Magento 2 is hastier than Magento 1. Check below points for it:

    • The page load time drops by 30 – 50% in Magento 2.
    • A more secure platform in handling orders per hour by 39% when compared to Magento 1.
    • Magento 2 offers faster checkout when compared to Magento 1.
    • Quicker AJAX for Add to Cart.
  3. Mobile – Responsive:
    • Magento 2 has enriched the mobile responsiveness of your website. It accompanies with new responsively designed (and SEO- pleasing) themes. It also bolsters PWA.
  4. Default Magento 2 possesses below mentioned features which are not there in Magento 1.
    • Magento 2 supports PHP 7.3.x whereas Magento 1 doesn't. (Also, for some security reasons PHP proclaim and endorses to use Php 7.2 and higher.)
    • Supports PWA: Progressive Web App
    • Boosts GraphQL language.
    • Built-in Google Shopping ads Channel.
    • Magento 2 has an inbuilt Cache Management system (varnish and full-page cache).
    • Magento 2 offers an Advanced Search feature (Elastic search).
    • Magento 2 has Multi Sources Inventory (MSI) management (warehouse shipping) feature. You can ship from multiple location.
    • Magento 2 provides a Canonical tag, to avoid duplicate content issues.
    • Add to Cart works with AJAX.
    • Magento 2 is more secure than Magento 1.
    • Magento 2 supports new payment gateways like Amazon Pay, Braintree (Apple Pay, Android Pay), Klarna etc.
    • Magento 2 has an inbuilt Vertex tax to manage taxes.
    • Assists with Google reCAPTCHA.
    • Incorporated with two-factor authentication.
    • Magento leads with the Backup Plan feature.
    • Steps for checkout has been reduced to just two in Magento 2.
    • Admin URL of all the Magento 2 sites will be unique. It’s randomly generated when you install Magento 2 (you can add manually URL also).
    • Magento has its official development documentation to assist developers to develop Magento 2 stores in a better way.
    • Improved code quality:
    • Easily upgrade to the new version.

Magento team is continuously working on making Magento 2 better day by day so you will get the best framework at free of cost.

Question: Why most of the people do not prefer to migrate to Magento 2?

Answer: An exceptionally good question, Magento 2 is tendering such a considerable number of enhanced functionalities, yet people are not influenced towards Magento 2! Check out some of the reasons for it:

  • Transformation threat: Everyone is feeling that they are comfortable with Magento 1 and if they shift to Magento 2, they would first of all need to gain knowledge to maintain their Magento 2 site. Everybody enjoys being in their comfort zone. Yet, at some point or another, you must do it.
    (What we think: As an admin user, you will find no alters in Magento 2 admin when contrasted with Magento 1. Magento 2 differs only in admin layouts, while the functioning is the same as Magento 1. You will surely adore it after using it for a few days. You will soon get know that it is much better than Magento 1.)
  • Magento 2 Extensions: Magento 2 is proposing numerous functionalities, yet it is new. Magento 1 has a ton of extensions, resources and helping networks on the web.
    (What we think: First of all,the initial version of Magento 2 came in 2015 so it is not new. Currently, there are numerous Magento 2 resources, extensions and helping networks than Magento 1. It is a fact; you can get to know about it if you do a bit research on it.)
  • Magento 2 is complicated than Magento 1:Each and everyone has a similar opinion that Magento 2 is more challenging than Magento 1. Yes, it is true as Magento 2 utilizes the most recent technologies and possesses various advanced features and functionalities.
    (What we think: What we think: Magento 2 is complex yet we can manage several custom-built sites for you. Also, we had previously done many Magento 2 sites with massive customization work. To maintain your position in this growing market one should need to run with recent technologies.)
  • Is Magento 1 still supported?
  • Yes, Magento 1 will be available until June 2020 thereafter Magento will not provide any support for Magento 1.
  • Do I need to upgrade to Magento 2?
  • It relies on you, Magento and we are not compelling anybody to upgrade to Magento 2. Magento 2 has advanced features than Magento 1. Magento 2 is more secure, fast, optimized, use the latest technologies and tidy than M1. Also, there will be no support for Magento 1 in the future. (We strongly recommend upgrading to Magento 2.)
  • How do I migrate to Magento 2?
  • Rootways will help you with upgrade to Magento 2. We will build Magento 2 website for you and migrate all your Magento 1 data (products, customer, order, admin settings, etc.) to Magento 2.
  • What is the cost of migration?
  • It's starting from $1,579

Upgrade Magento 1 to Magento 2

$ 1,579.00
10 Reasons to Choose Rootways
  • Adobe Solution Partner

    Rootways is an official Adobe Magento Bronze Solution Partner.

  • Magento 2 Certified Developer

    Extension is developed by Magento 2 Certified Developer.

  • Secure Payment Process

    We use a secure checkout process, not saving any sensitive customer credit card data.

  • Simple Licensing

    Use on unlimited stores and website of a single Magento installation.

  • Professional Installation Service

    We will be happy to provide you professional installation service. Contact us for pro installation.

  • Free Update

    Free lifetime update of your purchased products from Rootways Inc.

  • Full Open Source

    No encoding, extensions code is open source, no disorientation. You can easily customize it.

  • Following Magento® Standards

    We always follow Magento standards while coding all our extensions.

  • Modules tested by professionals

    Our QA team works at its best to maintain the quality of our extensions by testing their performance and functionalities over various browsers.

  • Extensive Documentation

    Full description of all the extensions is available as an Installation guide and User guide along with FAQs.