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Magento 2 FAQ

Magento 2 FAQ

$ 49.00
Our latest Magento 2 FAQ extension allows you to create Ajax based category wise FAQ listing page, Magento 2 FAQ extension allows you to create a list of questions and answers for your Magento 2 website.

  • FAQ Listing based on category.
  • Multi language compatibility.
  • FAQ based on website and store views.
  • keywords Search.
  • Fully responsive and user-friendly.
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FAQ the 'Frequently Asked Questions' page in a well written and organized is as important as a Home Page or CMS pages. Often people visit the FAQ page after the Home page.

Create an efficient and creative knowledge based FAQ page regarding the doubts and information explaining your website or products. Add our FAQ extension to your website and give your visitors quick overview of your products or services answering their most frequently asked questions.

Time is money in business, save your time by creating a FAQ page with answers regarding all questions for all the CMS pages like pricing, terms & conditions, return policy, etc. Include the Rootways FAQ extension for Magento 2 with more features than just listing out questions and its answers. We have developed the FAQ extension with the AJAX technology which saves loading time to display the Q&A. FAQs gets displayed without loading the whole page even. Users will be able to search the FAQs by just entering the search term even. FAQs are listed in an expandable –collapsible manner saving page space and including more FAQs with pagination feature to well organize the FAQs.

Don't worry about your site speed; Rootways FAQs will not affect it.

All Feature List

  • Manage FAQ Categories and edit it anytime from admin.
  • FAQ based on website and store views:
  • Enable or Disable specific FAQ Category in a single click.
  • Add FAQ question as Title and its Answers as Description to display it on front end.
  • Grouping the FAQs based on the different categories.
  • Most FAQs: Categorize the most frequently asked FAQs with this category to inform your users about it.
  • Q&A can be displayed in pullout collapsible panels reducing space to add more questions.
  • Search out specific topic with keyword search for FAQs showing the keywords for both questions and answers.
  • Set the number of FAQs to be displayed per page from the admin.
  • AJAX: Search FAQ and navigate to any category of FAQ without loading page.
  • Easy to Install and Configure with User Friendly Interface.
  • Reliable and Prompt Support from Rootways to help you resolve your queries and difficulties while using FAQs extension for Magento 2.
Features Details:
Categorical FAQs Listing:

Group the questions of same category together and Let your users find solutions for any particular product or service easily. Browse the FAQ listing of a Category by clicking on any Category name with this feature. It will simplify user navigation process increasing the user experience for your website.

Magento FAQ
Store views and website based FAQ:

Is your store/ website multi regional and do you want to display some FAQs for that particular region or country only? We have this unique feature included in our FAQ extension. Just set the store view in drop down and your users will be able to view only FAQs of the particularly selected store location.

Magento FAQ
Compatible to Multi-language:

If you have an online store or service or a website-serving customer all over the world, then you can optimize your online store or service or a website in multiple languages converting your visitors into customers. Rootways presents FAQ extension with multiple languages for your FAQ page. With Rootways FAQ extension reaches your customers worldwide with their preferred language in turn increasing your creditability.

Magento FAQ

Include more Q&A in your FAQ page as Rootways FAQ extension facilitates with expand collapse feature. On clicking on any question and the answer automatically displays in a pullout panel. You can add the more and more FAQ as it saves space of your FAQ page.

Magento FAQ
Searchable FAQs:

It’s tiresome for the users to browse all the FAQs if they are searching for some particular topic related answer. Rootways FAQ facilitates with flexible search option for the listed FAQs. Just enter the keywords related to the products or service in the search bar to get the desired results. It displays the searched keywords for both questions and its answers.

Magento FAQ

Prevent your website or store CMS pages from being too long & overwhelming by dividing the long content into different pages by giving pagination. Rootways FAQ extension comes with pagination feature for arranging FAQs enabling easy navigation and increasing user friendliness for your FAQ page.

Magento FAQ
Use of AJAX:

The FAQ page of your website changes using AJAX without the whole page being loaded by using our Rootways FAQs extension. It increases the response time improving the website performance. It refreshes the user interacted part of the page only. Hence reduces the redrawing of the whole CMS page.

Magento FAQ
Decide Number of FAQs Per Page:

Organize your FAQs easily with our FAQ extension. Set the number of FAQs you want to display on your each FAQ page. It is simple and easy to set it, just set the value for 'Number of FAQs per page' from admin panel and the pagination will be implemented according to the added number.

Magento FAQ
Specify Meta Title, Meta Keyword and Meta Description:

Meta tags helps to achieve high rank in the search engine queries increasing probability of your store or website. Our FAQ extension facilitates to include the Meta tags such as Page title, Meta Keywords and Meta Description from the admin panel related to your products or services.

Magento FAQ
Responsive Design:

Rootways FAQs Extension is fully responsive and agile. Users will have the same user experience on any device having different screen sizes of your Website or store with our FAQ extension. Our FAQ extension is adaptable to all screen sizes.

Magento FAQ
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