Magento 2 Bambora Payment Module
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Compatible with CE: 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.1, 2.2.2

Magento 2 Beanstream Payment Gateway - Bambora Payment Module

$ 79.00

Bambora payment gateway module for Magento 2 allows you to capture payment from credit card to your Bambora account.

  • API Authentication.
  • Payment action: Authorize Only OR Authorize and Capture.
  • Online credit card processing.
  • Allows Refund payment.
  • Allows Void and cancel Order.
  • Display AVS and CVV data to admin order.
  • Accepts all Major Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express etc.)
  • Generate order from Admin.
  • Secure payment method.
  • Multi store supported.
  • Easy to install and configure.

We are the partner of Bambora Payment, Click here to start accepting payments using Bambora.

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Rootways Magento 2 Beanstream/Bambora payment gateway extension helps you to capture payment from credit cards to your Bambora account. Rootways Bambora extension allows you to capture, cancel and refund your order cost from your Magento website without going to your Bambora dashboard. You can also refund full or partial payment using Rootways Bambora extension. It also allows all major credit cards.

Test credit card detail for generating test order using Bambora payment method. NOTE: These cards will not work in Bambora live account.

Card Type Card number CVD
VISA 4030000010001234 123
MASTERCARD 5100000010001004 123
AMEX 370000000000002 1234
DISCOVER 6011500080009080 123
Expiry date: Any valid(future) date.
Features Details:
API Authentication:

Our extension authenticate payment API as per conditions of Bambora. We are using API Passcode Authentication in our payment API. API Authentication helps to ensure that all of our accounts are secure against illegitimate transactions. Bambora is unable to accept requests via Payments API without first authenticating them. Click Here to read more....

Magento bambora Extension
Authorize now, Capture later:

Rootways Beanstream payment extension gives you the facility to authorize now and capture later. It will check the card for validity but not charge the account until the order is approved and invoiced.

Magento bambora Extension
Authorize and Capture:

Rootways Beanstream payment extension gives you the facility to authorize and capture. It will charge the credit card at the time of the order submission. Also, order invoice automatically created.

Magento bambora Extension
Supports full, partial Refund:

You can adjustment refund, Rootways Beanstream extension allows you to refund full or partial payment to the customer from Magento admin.

Magento bambora Extension
Order From Admin:

Supports creating orders and capturing payments from the Magento admin area. When creating order from admin you can see Rootways Beanstream payment method under payment method section.

Magento bambora Extension
Order Status:

You can decide the status of new order either pending or processing from admin configuration. You can set this from admin configuration.

Magento bambora Extension
Allow Countries:

You can allow Beanstream payment gateway method for all countries or specific countries only. You can set this from admin configuration.

Magento bambora Extension
Minimum and Maximum Order Total:

You can allow Beanstream payment gateway only if order total is between a minimum and maximum order total amount. You can set minimum and maximum order total amount from admin configuration.

Magento bambora Extension
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Easy to use
Easy to setup. Free installation offered :)
Review by Jam / (Posted on 4/16/2018)

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