Orbital Gateway Certification Service
Chase Paymentech Certification | Orbital Gateway Certification Service

This certification process is required for each merchant before getting the product API of a chase Paymentech. This process includes set of test cases. We will do all test cases for you based on your requirement.

Test cases provided by us:

  • Authorization for Account Verification Testing
  • Authorization Testing
  • Capture Testing
  • Auth/Capture Testing
  • Refund Testing
  • Void Testing
  • For another test cases, please contact us.

Certification Process:

- You have to provide us doc file provided by Chase Paymentech.
- We will fill results of test cases to this doc and give it back to you.
- You have to send this doc with result data to Chase Paymentech.
- Chase support team will review and they will give you production API if everything will be fine.

Chase Paymentech Certification | Orbital Gateway Certification Service

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