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Visions Electronics Store

We Helped Visions Electronics in redesigning their website to server their customer in best way possible.

Visions Electronics is a leading supplier of Electronics Products in Canada. They are one of the largest retailers with retail stores in many Canadian provinces. In addition to its retail operations, Visions Electronics also services the wholesale and business markets.

Magento Site
What Client Required:
  • Custom design integration.
  • Custom plugin for Day and Ross shipping.
  • Create custom module for Paystone Gift Card.
  • Kount Integration.
  • Wesupply Integration.
  • Product data import.
  • Flyer integration and integration.
  • Shipping flow customization.
Our Task
Used Technology
What We delivered:
  • User-friendly UI and theme customizations in Magento.
  • Developed custom plugin for the Day and Ross shipping carrier.
  • Integrated other shipping extensions.
  • Integrated Flyer widget for marketing.
  • Integrated for product content management.
  • Kount integration for fraud and risk management.
  • Wesupply Integration for post purchase automation.
  • Developed custom plugin for Paystone Gift Card.
  • Product data import into Magento.
  • Customized the shipping flow to meet the advanced requirements.