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Frid Russel Office Items

Frid Russell offers a wide range of office items, printer supplies, office furniture, contract furniture, cafeteria and cleaning supplies, computer peripherals, and much more.

Rootways delivered Multiuser account integration, Custom CMS pages integration and many more below we provide full content.

Magento Site
What Client Required:
  • Website development in Magento 2.
  • Custom theme integration.
  • Megamenu navigation integration.
  • Fast searching product from website.
  • Improved layered navigation on listing page.
  • Add products via REST API.
  • Multiuser account integration.
  • Fast ordering process.
  • Checkout page integration.
  • Custom Shipping rates and payment module integration.
Our Task
Used Technology
What We delivered:
  • Integration of custom theme in Magento 2.
  • Customization on product listing page with layered navigation.
  • Custom shipping rates implementation.
  • Multiuser account integration.
  • Fast ordering integration module.
  • Custom CMS pages integration.
  • Fast ordering module integration.
  • Price per customer module integration.
  • Customization of product detail page.