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Aero Mexico

Aeromexico Store flaunts its modern vibe e-store with Roootways Magento E-commerce solutions.

Aeromexico Online Shop Mexico-based company; you can enjoy a stress-free shopping experience with purchases delivered straight to your door at Duty-Free prices.

Magento Site
What Client Required:
  • Website development in Magento 2.
  • Custom theme integration.
  • Fast searching product from the website
  • Megamenu navigation integration.
  • Integrate Spanish language store.
  • Build up custom form.
Our Task
Used Technology
What We delivered:
  • Integration of custom theme in Magento 2.
  • Product listing page and product detail page customization.
  • Google Tag manager and Google analytics integration.
  • Integrate ultimate search functionality.
  • Avada marketing automation integration.
  • Open pay payment gateway integration.
  • Build up form for electric billing.
  • Integrate google v3 reCAPTCHA.