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Payment Module

Void Transaction Supported?

Void transaction is not possible with Elavon and Magento.

I am getting message "Error Processing the request. DECLINED", what should I do?

There could be several reasons for getting this error. Here are a few points you can try.

In Elavon/Converge dashboard order shows "Transaction Status = Error"

This usually happens if your Elavon account is new.

Will it accept Elavon/GiveX gift cards as a payment method?

We have not yet been able to test GiveX gift cards, but it should work.

Does the extension allow customers to save credit card info for future purchases?

As of now, our extension does not allow the saving of credit cards on your Magento store.

Does this extension support recurring payments?

This extension does not support recurring payments.

Which Payment Countries are supported by your Payment Gateway Extension?

If your country is supported by Payment Gateway...

I am getting the message "Error Processing the request. CALL AUTH CENTER", what should I do?

Usually, you get this message when the credentials entered for Elavon/Converge are not correct. Please contact the Elavon/Converge tech support.

What information related to Elavon Transaction I can see in Magento admin?

You can see customer credit card type (e.g. MasterCard, Visa, etc.) &...

What is Bambora's Risk Threshold?

Risk Thresholds is a proactive way of protecting your account against fraudulent transactions while reducing chargebacks. For any payment processed on your Bambora account, the Bambora system automatically calculates a risk score. If the risk score goes over the preset threshold, it is likely the transaction is fraudulent and the transaction will automatically decline.   Please login to your Bambora account or call the Bambora Customer Care team to change the default settings.

Does your Moneris extension compatible with One-step checkout extensions?

Yes. Moneris works properly with the Mageplaza One Step Checkout extension, which facilitates the customer’s checkout very well.

Which cards types are supported by Moneris?

Moneris payments module facilitates customers with almost popular credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners ClubJCB.

When using the Moneris Interac Online Hosted Pay Page option we are getting an error message that says "Array"?

To solve this issue, please contact the Moneris Online Payment Support team (eProduct team) and they will ask you to complete the certification process at this link...

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