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Magento Product Import Excel/CSV Format Important Points

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Magento Product Import Excel/CSV Format Important Points


Importing products and categories to database is the most common process in Magento Content Management. The catalog products CSV/Excel file contains information about products and the relationships between them. We have created a list of points that you should keep in mind for a successful import process of Products. 

Make sure following columns are specified in the import csv/excel file: 

  • Product/service name 
  • Price (Must not have $ sign, only numericals e.g. 15 or 9.99) 
  • SKU (unique product identification), no spaces before, after or in between. 
  • description (Must not have special characters like  ~ , ` ) 
  • short_description (Must not have special characters like ~ , ` ) 
  • custom Attributes e.g. Color if you have configurable products then you have to give list of colors 
  • type (e.g simple, configurable) 
  • weight (put “1” if you do not use it) 
  • Categories with Levels 


  •        Must define Category Levels in individual column for Multi-level Categories. Check image shown above for example. 
  •        Any Category name should not have '/' (forward slash) in its name. You may add '&'.  


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December 25, 2016
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