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How to create a Bundle product in Magento 2

How to create a Bundle product in Magento 2

How to create a Bundle product in Magento 2

The bundle product is a little bit comparable to the grouped product in Magento 2 because it is available to add more items to one product and sell it. However, while your customers cannot select among many attributes of items in the grouped products according to what they want, they can do it with the bundle products when many options are ready for their choices.

Bundle product makes it capable for the customers to customize the products as their desire. Each item in a bundle can depend on Simple products or Virtual Products.

The following points show the process of creating a bundle product.

Step 1: Login With your Magento Admin panel

Step 2: Go to Admin Sidebar

Step 3: Select the Catalog > Inventory > Products

Step 4: Go on the top-right corner and click on the Add Product menu

Step 5: Then select the Bundle Product

Step 6: Then select the Attribute set from the drop-down

Step 7: Then complete the required settings
  • Enter the Product Name
  • Enter the SKU or accept the default SKU which is based on the Product Name

Step 8: Set the price of the product. If the Dynamic Price option is Yes, then tax is determined for each bundle item.

Step 9: The quantity is not available because the value is determined for each bundle item.

Step 10: Set stock status according to your stock. By default Stock Status is set to In Stock

Step 11: If you want to assign a fixed weight to the bundle then set the Dynamic Weight option to No. And if you want the weight to reflect the options chosen by the customer the set the Dynamic Weight option to Yes.

Step 12: Set the Categories from the drop-down and if the drop-down categories are not available then create a new category

Step 13: Set the Visibility of the product from the drop-down

Step 14: Select the Country of Manufacture from the drop-down

Step 15: Then move to the Bundle Items tab

Step 16: Then go with bellow steps:
  • 1st: Set the Ship Bundle Items from the drop-down with the Together or Separately options.
  • 2nd: If you are done with ship Bundle Items selection then click on the Add Option button.
  • 3rd: Then enter the Option Title to be used for the field label.
  • 4th: Then Set Input Type to Drop-down, Radio buttons, Checkbox, or Multiple Select.
  • 5th: Then check the Required checkbox, To make the field required.
  • 6th: Then click on the Add Products to Option
  • 7th: Then select the checkbox of each product that you want to include in this option.
  • 8th: After adding the products, if you want to display any product as default then click that checkbox of Is Default column.
  • 9th: Then enter the default quantity for each product.

Step 17: If you want to set an image for your product then go to the Images and Videos tab and browse your image

Step 18: Then click on the Save button

Step 19: Then select the Store Views where the product is to be available

If you want to know how to create a Bundle Product in Magento 2 with practical then go with the following video

June 26, 2021
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