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How to Add the item back in stock when refunded

How to Add the item back in stock when refunded

With the help of following steps you can add item back in the stock when product amount is refunded

Step 1:Login with your Magento 2 Admin panel

Step 2:Go to sidebar of Admin panel

Step 3:Then click on Sales > Orders

Step 4:Then find the needed order which you want to refund and click on "View" button link

Step 5:Then click on the "Invoices" tab from the tabs menu on the left side.

Step 6:Select the Invoice for which you want to create the credit memo

Step 7:On the invoice detail page click on the "Credit Memo" button

Step 8:Then on the credit memo page set the items' quantity for refund in the "Qty to Refund" section

Step 9:Then click on the Update Qty's button to see the subtotal.

Step 10:Then move to the Order Total section

Step 11:And Here you can set the amount of Refund Shipping, Adjustment Refund and Adjustment fee. Provide your customer with additional information about the refund via Comment Text field.

Step 12:Then click on the Refund button

June 14, 2021
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