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Exploring Benefits of tracking tool – Google Analytics

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Exploring Benefits of tracking tool – Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool that can measure visits to your website, page views and average numbers of pages per visit. Google Analytics can track traffic down to specific cities. You can find out how long potential clients visit your page and what percentage of visits are new to your site.

Benefits of using Google Analytics

Analyze sources of traffic

Google Analytics can show how users are being driven to your website, how many visitors have found your website through a link from another website, via paid advertisements, from search engines or from direct link. This will allow you to see proportionally what ways to use to increase traffic to your website.

Analyze your content sources

Content sources determine which pages are getting the most hits, once visitors get to your website. By using this information you can determine which content your visitors find most valuable and develop content more effectively based on your site visitors’ preferences and needs.

Customize your website for greater exposure

Using the help of this tracking tool; you can make ongoing changes to your website by changing the content and improving the landing pages to draw greater number of visitors. Additionally, you can also find out deficiencies in your website and use attractive and interesting content that can attract your readers. Besides, you can also identify niche areas and add interesting images or graphics to make your website more visually appealing for the target audience.

Real-Time Metrics are available in Google Analytics

If the process of building the website had strained you and had taken a lot of your sweat, have some fun by looking at the number of people your website right now in Google Analytics and their location, source of arrival at your page etc.

Google Analytics lets you configure Custom Reports

The pretty reports we saw above aren’t everything Google Analytics. You can configure custom reports in it and take the analytics to a higher level so that you get to see the fine insights that are not visible from the standard reports.

July 18, 2014
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