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GDM Transfer

Our Wordpress & custom website development for GDM transfer made it easy for people to send money across the globe.

GDM Transfer is an Australian registered money remittance service company. GDM provides top of the range remittance services making sure both senders and recipients are satisfied with their spend less get more business model.

Wordpress Money transfer website
What Client Required:
  • Modern and professional front end for website.
  • Ability to log in and sign up for online money transfer application.
  • Online Money transfer application with 3 modules using destination country, receipient detail and last module with payment transfer system.
Our Task
Used Technology
What We delivered:
  • Designed Prototype for UI according to the flow of the online application.
  • Converted wireframes into html pages with custom css.
  • Developed pages to display How it works and information about GDM.
  • Codeigniter developers coded modules to send money from one country to another.
  • The whole back-end process divided into 3 steps.
  • First developed step 1 to select country to which user wants to send money.
  • Step 2 programmed to save receipient, sender details. All details managed in curated database.
  • For last step, integrated POLi payment gateway to process online debit payments.
  • Set up email notifications when transaction is performed successfully.