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Magento to Vend
Magento Integration with Vend POS

Integrate VEND POS with Magento, synchronize product, customer and order with Vend POS

Product Synchronization
Vend Point Of Sale
The World’s best retail with Vend POS software.

Vend is a web based Point of Sale software for Retail and Inventory management. It works on ipad, Mac and any PC. Vend lets you manage Products, Customers, Orders and set up your own Loyalty program.

Product Synchronization
Magento Ecommerce
The World’s Most Flexible Commerce Platform

Magento is an Open source E-commerce platform to build Enterprise grade Online Store. Magento lets online merchants customize the shopping cart system, look, content and functionality of the online store front. Powerful Marketing tools, built-in Search Engine Optimization and Catalog Management Tools makes Magento most preferred e-commerce platform.

Sync more than quantities
  • Integrate your Magento with Vend POS.
  • Add product from Magento to Vend and Vend to Magento.
  • Add customer from Magento to Vend and Vend to Magento.
  • Generate order from Magento to Vend and Vend to Magento.
  • Update product quantity automatically from Magento to Vend and Vend to Magento.
Product Synchronization
Product Synchronization

Add products from Magento to Vend and Vend POS to Magento by Rootways Vend POS integration extension. Using this extension, when you add any product From your Magento Admin then that product will be automatically added to your Vend POS system.

Customer Synchronization
Customer Synchronization

This extension is best for managing customers centrally. When any customer registers from your Magento store then the new customer will be automatically added to your Vend POS system. It also works the other way around, All the newly registered customers from Vend POS system will be synced with your Magento Admin.

Order Synchronization
Order Synchronization

Create seamless integration of Orders from Magento to Vend and vice versa. When you use Rootways Vend POS integration extension, when any order is generated through Magento website then that order is synced with your Vend POS software. All the details of the Order will be available on your Vend application.

Order Synchronization
Qty Synchronization

You don’t have to manually update Product Quantity in your Vend application when you use this extension. This extension integrates your Magento e-commerce website to your Vend point-of-sale application, so all the Products and its Quantity will be automatically synced between the two platform.

Magento Vend Integration

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Integrate VEND POS with Magento, synchronize product, customer, and order with Vend POS
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Compatible with CE: 1.7, 1.8, 1.8.1, 1.9, 1.9.1, 1.9.2, 1.9.3

Product Synchronization Between Magento and Vend
Customer Synchronization Between Magento and Vend
Docs & FAQ
Can I sync Configurable products (Variant for products) between Vend and Magento ?
Yes, it is possible to sync configurable products between Vend and Magento.
How Product Synchronization works?
When you add any new product to Magento it will be automatically added to Vend POS, same like when you add any new product to Vend, it will be automatically added to Magento.
How Customer Synchronization works?
When a customer registers to your Magento website it will be automatically added to Vend POS, when you add a customer to your Vend Application it will be shown in Magento Admin too.
How Order Synchronization works?
All the orders from Magento store will be added to Vend application when you use this extension. It also works the other way around, you don’t have to manually add orders placed through Vend POS to your Magento Admin. This extension automatically syncs the Orders very accurately.
How Quantity Synchronization works?
When any order is place through your Magento website then product quantity will be automatically decreased from Vend application. All the products quantity from Vend is periodically updated to Magento by cron job.
How to get personal tokens from Vend?
Login to Vend POS then click no "Setup" from left sidebar then click on "Personal Tokens" and take it from here.
Where can I find Vend Outlet ID and Register ID ?
Login to your Vend POS. Click on "Setup" then click on "Outlets and Registers" then click on outlet name and copy ID from URL, that is your Outlet ID. Next click on Register name and copy ID from URL, that is your Register ID.
Can we sync Categories between VEND & Magento?
We currently do not support sync of Product Categories, but we are working on it to add new features. Send us an email to if you have any other questions.
Can we import product tags from Vend to Magento ?
This feature can be added on request.
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Customer Reviews 2 item(s)

Great service
I have bought this Integration, they are very nice to help me set up the extension. We to a lot of work to make it suit for my particular website. I am very satisfied with their services》
Review by Frank / (Posted on 5/29/2017)
Easy to use and setup, great support from the developer.
This extension does what we wanted to do. Initially faced issues in installing, but the developer helped fix all the issues. I have requested them to upgrade to Magento 2 since we will be upgrading in next six months or so. They mentioned that they are working on it. I highly recommend this extension as it connects POS to our Magento store and vice versa. No more manual updates.
Review by Denial Hellock / (Posted on 5/15/2017)

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