Magento Extension Installation
Magento Extension Installation

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However easy we have made it to install the extensions on your Magento site, everyone has different working environment and thus you can get stuck in frustration, wondering why the extension is not being shown on your Magento Admin panel.

For instance, if you're not from the technical background you might have trouble installing the extension when things are not straight-forward, such as hosting permissions not letting you upload the folders, cookie issues or when Magento cache need to be cleared.

Save yourself some valuable time which you could use to growth hack your online business by using our Magento Extension Installation Service. Our Experts can help you set up the Magento Extension that you bought from our shop.

What we require:

- FTP account log in details (including FTP host name)
- Magento Admin log in details.
- If necessary, we may require c panel account details of the server or database of the store.

Note:Our experts are liable to help you with setting up the general configuration of the extension. This service does not include any extra things other than installation.

Magento Extension Installation

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