Magento Elavon Payment Gateway
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Compatible with CE: 1.7, 1.8, 1.8.1, 1.9, 1.9.1, 1.9.2, 1.9.3

Magento Elavon/Converge Payment Module

$ 99.00

Magento Elavon payment gateway extension for capture payment from credit and debit card to your Elavon account.

  • Choose payment action as Authorize only or Authorize and Capture.
  • Set new order status as pending or processing.
  • Refund payment from Magento admin.
  • Allow this payment method for all or specific countries.
  • Set minimum and maximum order total for this payment method.
New updated features:
  • Supports more than 94 currencies.
  • Allow multiple currency.
  • Support multiple websites.
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Rootways Elavon Extension is very easy to install and configure, just enable payment method, add your Elavon information and you can use Elavon Payment Method for your website.

Features Details:
Authorize now, Capture later:

Rootways Elavon payment extension gives you the facility to authorize now and capture later. It will check the card for validity but not charge the account until the order is approved and invoiced.

Magento Elavon Extension
Authorize and Capture:

Rootways Elavon payment extension gives you the facility to authorize and capture. It will charge the credit card at the time of the order submission. Also, order invoice automatically created.

Magento Elavon Extension
Supports Full/Partial Refund:

You can adjustment refund, Rootways Elavon extension allows you to refund full or partial payment to the customer from Magento admin.

Magento Elavon Extension
Allow Multiple Currencies:

Rootways Elavon extension allows accepting multiple currencies in checkout process of your website. If you have multi-store on your website and each store has different currency then our extension will work in this condition.

Magento Elavon Extension
Supports More-than 94 Currencies:

Our extension support all currencies that are allowed by Elavon Payment Gateway. Elavon allows more than 94 currencies. Please contact to Elavon support to know is your currencies allow by Elavon or not.

Magento Elavon Extension
Order From Admin:

Supports creating orders and capturing payments from the Magento admin area. When creating order from admin you can see Rootways Elavon payment method under payment method section.

Magento Elavon Extension
Order Status:

You can decide the status of new order either pending or processing from admin configuration. You can set this by admin configuration.

Magento Elavon Extension
Allow Countries:

You can allow Elavon payment gateway method for all countries or specific countries only. You can set this by admin configuration.

Magento Elavon Extension
Minimum and Maximum Order Total:

You can allow Elavon payment gateway only if order total is between a minimum and maximum order total amount. You can set minimum and maximum order total amount from admin configuration.

Magento Elavon Extension
Docs & FAQ
Does extension allow customers to save credit card info for future purchases?
At present our extension does not allow saving of credit cards on your Magento store. However, we can customize extension to store credit cards with Payment Gateway itself, and use the token generate for future credit card processing. There is extra cost involved with this customization. Also referred to as Tokenization. Please send us an email to for further assistance.
Does this extension support recurring payments?
This extension does not support recurring payments. However, we can customize extension to process recurring payments. There is extra cost involved with this customization. Please send us an email to for further assistance.
I am getting message "Error Processing the request. DECLINED", what should I do?
There could be several reasons for getting this error. Here are few points you can try. 1) If your Elavon/Converge account is in TEST mode, please make sure you are entering Test Credit Cards 2) Make sure credentials that you have entered are correct. 3) Call Elavon/Converge tech support and ask them if they are seeing the error, if yes they should be able to explain you the reason for this error.
Which Payment Countries are supported by your Payment Gateway Extension.
If your country is supported by Payment Gateway, chances are our extension will work for that country. If your country is not on the list of supported countries for the Payment Gateway, our extension will not work. Please check with your Payment Service provider for more information.
I am getting message "Error Processing the request. CALL AUTH CENTER", what should I do?
Usually you get this message when credentials entered for Elavon/Converge are not correct. Please check with Elavon/Converge tech support.
What information related to Elavon Transation I can see in Magento admin
You can see customer credit card type (e.g. MasterCard, Visa, etc.), last four digits of the credit card (e.g. XXXX-1234), Elavon transaction ID, AVS Response (e.g. Exact AVS Match), CVV (e.g. N (CVV2/CVC2 No match) Responses along with all the other regular Magento Order details.
What information I need to get from Elavon for the extension to work?
You will need Merchant ID (usually 6 character long), User ID and Pin (old numbers used to be 5 to 6 characters but now they have changed to 64 characters).
Where do I enter Merchant ID, User ID and Pin?
You can enter them from your Magento admin --> System --> Configuration --> Sales (Payment Methods) --> Elavon Payment Gateway.
I am getting extension license warning message?
Please make sure you have entered the license key that we emailed you at the time of purchase of your extension in Magento admin --> System --> Configuration --> Rootways (Extension Name). Also please make sure you have selected proper Development mode or the Live mode for your domain.
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Simple and easy configuration and installation. Quick Support when needed from the support team. Highly recommended.
Review by Abbas / (Posted on 11/24/2017)
Google Review.
Excellent support !!!
Review by Ramdas Balwad / (Posted on 11/17/2017)

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