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AccessiBe Web Accessibility Partner

AccessiBe Web Accessibility Partner

The goal of AccessiBe is to open up the internet so that people with and without impairments can take advantage of its features. Access to the internet benefits everyone. Users with impairments will finally be able to use its advantages, and businesses will noticeably increase the size of their prospective client base.

Accessibe reinvents how webpages are made accessible by utilizing machine learning. With the assistance of our technologies, we can adopt a business-friendly, scalable approach to web solutions and web accessibility, from audits and testing to remedy. We help the community of people with disabilities by working together to make the possibility of an accessible internet a reality.

Rootways is happy to announce that we are an official partner of AccessiBe. as an AccessiBe partner. It's where you maintain the websites of both you and your clients.

Contact Us for more details or give us call 416 879 8623. We will be happy to serve you 24/7.

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AccessiBe Web Accessibility Partner