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GDM Transfer

With GDM transfer Mobile App you can send money to your family in minutes.

GDM Transfer is an Australian registered money remittance service company. GDM Transfer app's objective is to provide seamless platform integration to transfer money to recipient's account.

Money Transfer mobile application
What client required:
  • App with Money transfer portal to perform secure and transparent transactions.
  • Dedicated user accounts to manage and view their completed transactions.
  • Payment processing system to transfer money to beneficiary account from app.
  • Alert notification system after transaction is performed.
What we delivered:
  • Designed Fully-interactive and dynamic UI for GDM transfer mobile app.
  • Developed log in, User account and User personal details screens for app.
  • Our app developers programmed step-wise screens for payment processing.
  • Coded Steps 1 and 2 to require destination country, recipient and beneficiary details.
  • Developed last step to process payment from POLi payment systems.
  • Created Transaction List to view all transactions and its details.
  • Set up notifications after transaction completes successfully.