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Magento® Performance Optimization

Each Magento store is unique in its own functionalities, which is why its Performance Optimization techniques should also change for each Magento Store. It's vital to eleminate the performance bottlenecks for your Magento Website. Our Magento Experts can optimize your Magento Website to comply with the Google's speed standards as well as your customer's convenience.

Google has indicated that page speed of your site is a ranking factor in search engine results. Slow Page speed means search engines can crawl fewer pages on your site as per allocated crawl budget. (Crawl budget is the maximum number of pages Google crawls on a website.)

Our Magento ® Performance Optimization audit includes
  • Server environment checking and configuration settings.

  • Solve issues related to Magento Settings.

  • Web-server tuning for servers including Apache, Nginx.

  • Magento Code Optimization. Remove or advice for incorrect, unused, not optimal third party code.

  • Front-end Optimization. Sometimes heavy javascript/css can also result in slow rendering of page.

  • Check Database Performance, review all MySQL queries for lagging resource handling.

  • Advance Server Caching such as Varnish Cache installation and configuration, installation of PHP cache, Full Page Cache.

Make your Magento Store stand out in the race of online businesses. Our Magento developers have successfully deployed Magento Performance Optimization practices for numerous Magento stores. Drop us a line or contact us to avail our Magento Performance Optimization services.