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How our Magento Ecommerce solution helped Purahome showcase their products better and increase customer retention.

Purahome is a premier Air and Water Health Solutions Provider. They are a team of air and water purification specialists dedicated to improving and maintaining their customers' health and well-being. They don't only sell air and water purifiers but are also keen of sharing knowledge about ways to attain health and well-being.

Magento Air Water Purifier seller website
What Client Required:
  • More integrated and comprehensive platform to showcase their wide range of products.
  • Solution for easy shipping module to reach more customers globally.
  • Ideas or Strategy to implement that increases sign up process.
Our Task
Used Technology
What We delivered:
  • Our team is an expert of custom shopping cart development. We incorporated Magento shopping cart solutions for Purahome.
  • We redesigned how the product features on Purahome online store, which upholds the unbeatable customer experience when choosing among the wide range of products of Purahome.
  • To enhance shopper's engagement our highly experienced team integrated Rewards and Loyalty Points for each customer conversion goal, which lures customers to sign up and share the info of the products.