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Image Gallery for Magento 2

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Magento Extension by Certified Developer

Image Gallery for Magento 2

Our Image Gallery Extension for Magento 2 provides a gallery, which is based on category with a Popup. You can place this gallery on any page in your Magento 2 store.

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Do you want to a create stunning image gallery for your products on your site with ease? Rootways Image Gallery extension intends to build a spectacular light box effect. The image gallery is mobile friendly. It is easy to use for new Magento users.

Categorical sorting of the product images makes the image gallery stylish and eye-catching. Admin can insert/handle the images of the gallery and distribute them based on categories. Multiple images can be added all together in a particular category.

All Features List

  • Offered Gallery Page.
  • Classify images based on categories/galleries.
  • Exhibit gallery on any page.
  • Put in multiple galleries on any page.
  • Show images of specific gallery on any page.
  • Move and copy images between galleries.
  • Observe gallery images without opening specific gallery inner page.
  • Easily manage from admin.
  • Add/Delete/Update images into various galleries easily.
  • Fascinating Light Box/Pop Up.
  • SEO friendly URL for the image gallery.
  • 100% Open source - Completely customizable.
  • Set Width & Height of the Thumbnail.
  • Add up unlimited images in the gallery with title and description.
  • Manage Image Order & Gallery Order.
  • Easily enable/disable gallery.
  • Enable/disable specific images of the gallery.
  • Put in Meta page title, Meta keywords and Meta description from the admin panel.
  • Flexible for browsing and responsive for customers.
  • Easy installation and configuration.
  • Comprehensible interface.
  • Quick & steadfast support from Rootways to solve your queries and doubts regarding Image Gallery Extension
Features Details:
Committed Gallery Page

Totally different pages to show the galleries and images of the galleries. Build a dazzling web page to show images of the galleries in a single click. Style your thumbnails by setting its height and width. Just above the gallery album images add the title of the page. The well-organized image displayed using image galleries makes your web pages user friendly.

Magento Image Gallery
Add/Delete/Update Gallery and Images of Gallery Easily

Add up multiple images to the gallery album from your Magento admin easily. We have developed the extension so that it is simple for the users to operate it in updating or deleting the gallery album. At a time you can delete/remove multiple images or galleries.

Magento Image Gallery
Show Gallery on Desired Pages of Website

Show images of the gallery on any page of your store. Add up a gallery for your Product page as well. Put in a gallery on your web page, home page or detail page with our Image gallery extension. You can conveniently add multiple images of the products in a single gallery, which saves space to display other data.

Magento Image Gallery
Outlook Gallery Images in Popup on the Similar Page

Our extension can display the images on the same page from where it has been clicked. This reduces the group of pages to get arranged to view the product images. With our Image gallery extension, you are able to view the gallery images on the same page itself.

Magento Image Gallery
Move, Copy and Delete Images of Gallery

Move and copy images between the galleries without opening a gallery for it. Choose the images you want to move or get copied to a specific gallery, and in one click it’s done. Managing the gallery images is easy and less time consuming. It's also easy to delete gallery images.

Magento Image Gallery
Include multiple galleries on every page

Displaying more than one gallery on a page is easy with our extension. Choosing particular galleries for particular pages is possible by just adding the IDs of those galleries. This will display all those galleries on the front-end.

Magento Image Gallery
Upload Multiple Images

Our Image gallery extension is flexible, so you can add as many images to the gallery as you want. You can add unlimited images in any gallery album. Our developers have built it with such efficiency that it does not decrease the site speed.

Magento Image Gallery
Handle Title, Description and Thumbnail of Gallery

Put in an illustrated title and description for the gallery. You can manage the titles and descriptions from the admin for each gallery. You can describe your gallery to the visitors by adding the description to it. Setting the thumbnail height and width helps in styling your gallery.

Magento Image Gallery
Control Image Title, Description and Order

Give a unique title and description to each image in any gallery. Mention some important details of the images giving them a personal touch. Just below the images the description is displayed with professionalized fonts. Set the order of the images in which you want to show them.

Magento Image Gallery
Enable/Disable a Gallery and its Images

In a single click you can disable a gallery and its images. If you want to display a gallery/images at a specific time then you can enable/disable it accordingly. It will be available in your Magento admin panel.

Magento Image Gallery
Eye-catching Light Box/Pop Up

Our extension gives you the option to show the images in a pop up with light box effect. Pop up boxes are styled with attractive UI elements, including left-right navigation arrows. You can even switch the images using the left-right arrow keys on your keyboard.

Magento Image Gallery
Set Width & Height of the Thumbnail

Customize the thumbnail sizes of the images of any gallery. It gets reflected to the preview of the image before it is clicked to view it. Resizing of the thumbnail doesn’t change the resolution of the original image.

Magento Image Gallery
Open Source & Completely Customizable

Our Image Gallery Extension is easily customizable according to your store’s theme and layout, as it is 100% open source. You can expand its functionality as it is required. Our experienced development team has developed the best solution to add gallery album with top code quality.

Magento Image Gallery
SEO Responsive

We have developed this extension following all of the web development standards; so you don’t need to worry about your store’s search engine results, because our extension is SEO friendly.

Magento Image Gallery
Set Meta Page Title, Meta Keyword and Meta Description

Add the Meta titles and keywords for the web page within the extension only. You can add the Meta title, keywords and description to improve your website’s search engine results.

Magento Image Gallery
Responsive Design

A responsive design portrays the same design and layout across any sized device on which it is viewed. Our extension is totally responsive working on all popular web-browsers with full compatibility.

Magento Image Gallery


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License Agreement

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Magento platform compatibility

Open Source (CE): 2.3.x, 2.4.x
Magento Commerce (EE): 2.3.x, 2.4.x


Magento 2 Extension

Customer Questions
Does it work on the Magento 2.4.3

Yes, it is compatible with Magento 2.4.3 The demo of this extension is running on Magento 2.4.3

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    Use on unlimited stores and website of a single Magento installation.

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  • Full Open Source

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  • Following Magento® Standards

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  • Modules tested by professionals

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  • Extensive Documentation

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