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Using Magento Shopping Cart as a Catalog

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Using Magento Shopping Cart as a Catalog

Can Magento Shopping cart be used as a catalog ?

I have been asked this questions several times by clients. Simple answer is Yes, Magento Can be used as a catalog with no actual shopping features. Let’s see some of the reasons why anybody would like to use Magento Shopping Cart as a catalog only.

1. If you have plans to start accepting orders in future, may be you are not ready as of now to sell products online. In this case you can easily switch over from catalog only site to full Magento shopping cart website.

2. If you are a wholesaler or a manufacture and you sell your products only through distributors but would like to showcase your products and show where your products can be purchased like list of retail outlets.

It is possible to disable “Add to Cart” feature by disabling Shopping cart module.

May 20, 2014
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