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Top Must Have Magento Extensions for Online Store

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Top Must Have Magento Extensions for Online Store

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With over 250,000 merchants onboard Magento has become one of the most popular ecommerce platform. Magento comes with large set of admistrative controls, flexibility to customize appearance, built-in marketing and SEO tools.

However, It is unlikely that all online stores require the same set of functionalities to run their businesses. Magento, being a completely flexible ecommerce platform with PHP in backend allows developers to build variety of extensions to make your online store function even better.

These are the top Magento Extensions for your Online Store.

1. Mega Menu
With the rising competition in Online Retailing Industry, you have a window of opportunity of mere seconds to impress your visitors and turn them into customers. Mega Menu extensions are the best way to create a sitemap right there on your navigation menu.

(Good Navigation Menu Example Using Rootways Mega Menu Extension)

All your Product Categories and Sub-Categories, Featured Products can be included directly into your navigation panel. Have a look at Rootways Mega Menu extension. Also check out Mega Menu Pro version, It is advance mega menu with more than 15 menu layouts, also provides vertical menu to left side on any page of your website.

2. FAQs



FAQ pages can help you save yourself some time from fielding the same questions over and over again. There are variety of FAQ extensions available. One of them is Rootways FAQ Extension. It adds FAQs based on Categories in collapsible manner. Search functionality for Q&A which is powered by AJAX technology to reduce page load time. Get Rootways FAQ extension here.

3. Banner Slider
Banner Slider is a powerful marketing tool for your online store. Eye-catching display of rotating images on any webpage serves multipurpose goals like product promotion, special announcements etc. Banner Sliders such as Rootways Slideshow extension creates visually stunning display of banner images without writing code piles on any page of your Magento website.

4. Sitemap
It's not only beneficial for your SERP ranking but also essential to establish newer content is added on the website. Sitemap extensions like Rootways Advance Sitemap dynamically adds categories and sub-categories in sitemap, also updates automatically when new category or sub-category is added. Its Jquery powered tree view of sitemap is very user friendly.

5. Product Image Gallery
The More, The Better. It's true for Product Images. It helps users get the idea about the product they are buying. Rootways Image Gallery extension displays Gallery on Any Page of Website. You can choose to open Gallery in Pop-up window or on dedicated gallery page. Check out Rootways Image Gallery Extension here.

(Responsive Image Gallery, Image open in Pop up or Inner Page)

6. Product FAQ extension:
Product FAQ extensions are essential for your online store because if your customers can't find quick information or answers related to a particular products, they are most likely to find another vendor or store. Also, it is not feasible to add all the product related questions to your general FAQ page. Product FAQ extensions like Rootways Product FAQ extension, you can educate your customers about every single detail of that product via Product Q&As. You can also add common product FAQs to multiple categories with this extension. Features like Customizing answers with HTML, Multi-Language and Multi-Store Compatibility is what makes Rootways FAQ extension, a must-have Magento extension for your online store. Get Product FAQ extension here.

7. Product Filters
It is possible that some of your products are ignored. With Product Filter extensions like Rootways Advance Product Filter extension you can sort products as on sale and new. It gives a dedicated page for on sale and new products listing. Advanced Product Filter Pro version can add Layered Navigation for these product listing page. (Layered Navigation feature in Magento lets users search the store catalog by filters for product category, price range, color, brand etc.)

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December 13, 2012
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