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Top 5 Magento SEO points to remember

Top 5 Magento SEO points to remember

Top 5 Magento SEO points to remember

Magento Search Engine Optimization is the method of improving website visibility in search engines. However, several improvements made in the search engine optimization environment remain unchanged with certain basic principles. SEO is never a simple task, and it's even more difficult when you do SEO for an e-commerce website that includes a large number of product listings. The better you do SEO for your website, the more clients will be able to access your product/service.

With so many SEO strategies, it's almost difficult to decide which ones you should adhere to and can safely. Proper techniques are those that not only make a web page rank higher but most of all help people quickly find relevant information Although Magento is already very SEO-friendly when enabled, many aspects can still be worked on. There are guidelines provided by the search engines that can help you fill out the SEO websites.

Following are the top five Magento SEO points.

1) Keywords Research

Using the Google keyword planner is the most common way of doing a keyword study. The key to a successful SEO strategy is figuring out which words users type in a search bar while looking for websites. Type all the words into the Google search engines to target your audience. SEO is pretty much based on keywords. Using this method to get a list of keyword ideas and data showing how much words are used.

2) URLs Search engine unique

If you want to edit your URL address, not only you function for keyword optimization, but you can also make it easier for a user to understand it. If users are unable to read or understand your URL then search engines can also be confused. Keywords will rate your search engine, or break it. Improving user experience is the most significant focus for optimizing the URLs. No-one wants to see a complete number of a URL link. Magento SEO friendly URLs gives both people and bots more clear view of what the pages are going to be about.

3) Write relevant Meta descriptions

The well-designed meta description is one of the most significant SEO tips that most people ignore. Magento will write your descriptions for you just like other sites. Magento will automatically generate a default definition for your sites, but they may not make sense and will certainly not contain keywords for strategic use. The optimal meta-description length is between 150-160 characters.

4) Speed up website

The speed of the platform is one of the major complaints about Magento. People aren't going to wait long for a page to load more than 3 seconds approx. Long loading time will damage your websites SEO. There are various Magento SEO tips for you to speed up your site, for instance Merge CSS and JS files (Store => Configuration => Advanced => Developer => JavaScript setting / CSS setting)Merging the separated JS files / CSS files into 1 file by just Enable the Merge CSS / JavaScript Options helps to reduce page loading time for your page. Decrease the number of external files that can be downloaded from your server.

5) Product image

PNGs image are so common these days but JPEGs are better choices over PNGs in terms of small size and quality. Because search engines do not read photos, instead they read the text on the ALT. Pictures are relevant to SEO. Make sure they don't take too long to load and make sure they fill out their ALT text. Google has devoted a whole section to photos of its search results.

May 13, 2020
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