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Top 5 Magento hosting companies

Top 5 Magento hosting companies

Top 5 Magento hosting companies

Magento is one of the leading platforms for ecommerce, packed with a variety of features that make it easy to use and give it tremendous strength. This platform is one of the most popular eCommerce websites with all the themes and plugins needed for fast operation. Magento 2 Web Hosting Solution offers the most updated methods to enhance the functioning of your Magento 2 program. Every time, one program cannot cover all the jobs. Therefore, the Magento system runs on its own is not that good for your strong businesses. Some of the top web hosting companies that can support Magento include:

  • Site ground
  • Nexcess
  • Cloud ways
  • Magemojo
  • Bluehost

You can review the below details of the best Magento hosting companies.

1) Site ground

Site Ground has been in service since 2004. It is today's one of the most common web hosts. They have data centres in Asia, the USA and Europe. The host is famous for supporting their clients 24/7. Shared, WordPress, web, and dedicated plans are available - in addition to several other specialist plans. Site Ground responds within 34 to 54ms making it one of the fastest hosts.

2) Nexcess

Nexcess team has immense experience from small Magento stores to large companies. The plans are flexible, helpful while handling traffic surges, and come with a lot of custom features for Magento. Nexcess has been offering supreme web hosting services since 2000; with exclusive and highly configured Magento and WordPress hosting environments.

3) Cloudways

Cloudways is one of the few companies providing a perfect balance between affordability and perfect flexibility. Cloudways offers professionally controlled hosting. It also promises no more sluggish WordPress loading sites and no more headaches for WordPress hosting. Cloudways provides you with multiple security features, including IP whitelisting, firewall, database protection, device isolation and Magento two-fact.

4) Magemojo

A relative newcomer to the Web hosting industry is a hosting company founded in 2009 by Eric Hileman and Martin Pachol. Their focus was on providing online stores hosting. Magemojo is perfect if you are looking for a pay-per-use service for Magento Hosting, i.e. you only pay for the number of sessions and conversions that your site creates. One of the biggest things that separate them from their competitors is that they exclusively host Magento sites. Each plan includes a dedicated server and solid-state drives which will make your site load extremely fast. It won't get delayed under demanding shopping days where your traffic is on the peak. Lastly, Magemojo has created an eminent status among the Magento community by offering the top most customer support one can come across.

5) Bluehost

Bluehost was founded in 2003 and has developed to become one of the largest providers of secure and cheap web hosting in the world. Whether you're a small or a large Magento e-commerce, Bluehost Magento 2 hosting does everything for your business. Bluehost is a fantastic hosting service for Magento 2 to use with a lot of disk space and unrestricted data transfer as well as best web hosting programmers. Bluehost Magento 2 hosting offers a handful of high-speed e-commerce hosting applications (over 70 applications, including Magento) that reflect their excellent support and great features. Bluehost hosting which offers free shopping carts and free merchant accounts is getting much better. This company offers almost every web hosting service you may need including advanced hosting such as VPS, dedicated server and WordPress hosting management.

May 12, 2020
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