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PayPal not showing Credit Card option with Magento 2 checkout

PayPal not showing Credit Card option with Magento 2 checkout

There is no credit card option on Magento 2 PayPal Checkout page. You may have a question about why your customers are not seeing the credit card option on the Paypal Checkout page. Here, some of the reasons we have specified that why your credit card option may not be available to your Magento 2 store customer.

It may relate to your PayPal account set up. check the following checklist and make sure that your account matches them. so that your M2 store customers are presented with a credit card payment option at PayPal's Magento 2 checkout page.

  • Credit Card and Bank account linked and verified.
  • The email address must be verified which you are using for login to the PayPal Account.
  • Setting in your PayPal Account (Account Optional) should be turned on. This enables non-PayPal members to pay by Credit Card. Hence your customers don't need a PayPal Account.

Some of the other reasons are:

  • The IP address of your Magento 2 hosted site is on a blocked list.
  • The Country your customers reside in. All countries don't have all the PayPal features available.
  • Using a Wrong Email address or unverified email address.
  • If you are using Express Checkout then you might not see credit card option because Express Checkout requires the PayPal account.

April 29, 2021
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