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Magento Vend POS Integration

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Magento Vend POS Integration

vend pos magento integration by Rootways Inc.

Magento for Online Businesses:
Magento is an Open source E-commerce platform to build Enterprise grade Online Store. Magento has become the most preferred ecommerce platform for merchants because of its flexibility to scale, excellent inventory management, ease of customization, powerful marketing tools and built in search engine optimization.

Over 25% percent of all ecommerce sites in the Alexa top one million sites list is now powered by Magento. (source)

Vend POS for Physical Retailers:
Vend Point of Sale is a ground-breaking cloud based POS software for Retail and Inventory management. Vend stands out by its impressive inventory management system, offline cache capabilities and loyalty rewards program.

It's established that Magento rules in ecommerce platform and Vend leads the way in Point of Sale solutions. Let's not ignore the fact that future of retail lies at the intersection of digital and brick and mortar stores both. It's only imperative to create a seamless integration of physical point of sale solutions to ecommerce sites.

With Rootways Magento Vend POS Integration extension sync more than just quantities.
Using the extension automatically integrate VEND POS with Magento, synchronize product, customer and order with Vend POS.

This extension works both ways. Create flawless integration of inventory, customers and sales from your Vend Point of Sale to your Magento website. All the orders, products, quantities, customers from Magento site will be reflected in your Vend system.

You don't have to manually sync the newly added products from either Vend system or Magento website. This extension pushes product details such as titles, description, SKUs, image from vend to magento and vice versa.


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December 8, 2016
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