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Magento 2 Open Source Page Builder

Magento 2 Open Source Page Builder

Magento 2 Open Source Page Builder

What is Page Builder?

Page Builder is a Magento extension for adding content by drag and drop pre-built functionality. We know about these controls as "content types". The accessible content types are shown in Page Builder’s menu:

These content types give few key features, including:

  • Drag-and-drop functionality for content creation.
  • Live previews of how the content will look on the storefront.
  • Form editors for entering and customizing the content.

For end-users, in this process no coding is required. For you as a developer, it means you will use content types to editing Page Builder in order to meet the end-users requirements. There are two ways to editing Page Builder using content types:

  • Extend existing content types
  • Create new content types

Page Builder makes it simple to create content-rich pages with custom layouts that increase your visual storytelling and drive customer engagement and reliability. Here are just a few of the many Page Builder features that are designed to increase quality, and decrease the time and expense of producing custom pages:

  • Advanced content tools
  • Full-page layouts for CMS pages, products, and categories
  • Real-time editing from the workspace
  • Drag and drop page design
  • Rich assortment of content types
  • Custom product attribute input types

Until now the page builder is only available with the Magento Commerce edition but now Adobe is planning to release the Page builder in Magento open source edition with its upcoming release (Magento open-source v2.4.3).

Certain Page builder features will still not be available in the Magento open source edition. The advanced feature will require an Adobe commerce license. Some of those advanced features are as below:

  • Dynamic Blocks
  • Staging and Preview
  • Native integrations with Commerce-exclusive features such as Product Recommendations
July 16, 2021
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