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Magento 2 Features

Magento 2 Features

Magento 2 Features

Magento 2 has all the features which are required in any ecommerce website but below are some important and advanced feature which may not be provided by other framework and you will get this with Magento 2 in free of cost!

  1. Free: Magento CE is fully free and open source. You can host Magento website to any server and you have full control of your website.
  2. Supports PHP 7.3.x: Magento 2.3.3 tested with PHP 7.3.8
  3. Cache: Supports Varnish 6.2.0 (Full Page Cache)
  4. PWA Studio: Magento 2.3 supports Progressive Web App.
  5. GraphQL language: Magento 2.3 support GraphQL to make APIs operation faster.
  6. Google Shopping ads Channel: The Google Shopping ads Channel Marketplace extension is now available as a bundled extension.  describes all changes to this feature for Magento 2.3.x.
  7. Google reCAPTCHA and two-factor authentication.
  8. Vertex: For taxes, you can manage taxes using this.
  9. Elasticsearch Updates:
  10. Multi sources inventory (Like warehouses): You can add multiple location for shipment in Magento admin and also add different inventory to each source. It’s like Multi warehouse system.
  11. Multi store and multi website setup: You can run multiple websites from single magento admin.
  12. Multi-currency setup: You can add more than one currency for your single website, you can see currency switcher at front-end.
  13. Multi language support: You can display your website in multiple language.
  14. Payment Gateways: Paypal, Braintree (Apple Pay, Android Pay), Amazon Pay, Klarna, (Also, almost all payment gateways extension available on magento marketplace so you can install it based on your requirement)
  15. Shipping Methods: UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, Free Shipping, Table Rates. (Also, almost all shipping gateways extension available on magento marketplace so you can install it based on your requirement)
  16. Fast Add to cart: Magento 2 has in build Ajax add to cart which is very faster.
  17. Faster checkout: Only 2 checkout steps and also one page checkout extension available.
  18. You can add multiple video and images to products from the admin. It’s easily like drag and drop.
  19. Catalog Price Rule: Add discount rules for bulk product. You can create these rules based on category, product, attributes etc.
  20. Cart Price Rules: Create coupon code for discount. It can be based on category, product, cart total, cart qty, product price, product weight, attributes, shipping, country, region and much more.
  21. Can add unlimited products: There is no limit to add products in magento 2, you can add it based on your server capability.
  22. Easy version upgrade: It’s very easy to upgrade from old Magento 2 version to Latest Magento 2 version.
  23. More secure: Magento uses latest technologies (php 7.3, HMTL5, CSS3, Knockout JS etc) and has advanced features that is why it’s more secure and much powerful then other frameworks.
  24. SEO: You will get SEO features in build in magento 2 like Canonical URLs, URL rewrites, sitemap, meta data etc.
  25. Newsletters: You can link with MailChimp need to install this extension
  26. URL rewrites: URL write easily done from the admin.
  27. Magento Marketplace: Many extensions available in marketplace to make your website better.

Admin Features: Admin panel is very easy to handle, and you can almost do everything from the admin. Magento admin has many features but here we are highlighting only popular points           

  • Advanced Dashboard: It contains below
    1. Lifetime Sales
    2. Average Sales
    3. Last Search Terms
    4. Top Search Terms
    5. Daily, Monty, Yearly, 2 years sell reports.
    6. Best sell Products
    7. Most View Products
    8. New Customer
    9. Top 5 customers whose average purchase is higher
    10. Reviews
  • Reports:
    1. Sales report based on product, invoice, shipping, refund, coupons, payment, tax etc
    2. Customer reports
    3. Product reports.
  • Admin Role: Create multiple admin users and assign specific role to user. By admin roles you can decide which portion admin user can access and which not.
  • Import/Export:
    1. Product: Easily bulk import/export products by CSV
    2. Stock: Bulk import/export stock from admin.
    3. Customers: Bulk import/export customer data
  • Mass product update: Admin can update multiple product status, stock, product attribute by one click.
  • Backup: You can take backup of database and files from the admin, also magento has auto backup feature too.
  • Content Editor: Easily to add/update content with WYSIWYG editor without any HTML knowledge.
  • Track admin events: As part of our efforts to better understand the Admin user experience and improve product design, Magento is introducing the tracking of user actions and events on the Admin. After you upgrade to Magento 2.3.3, the first administrative user who logs into the Admin will be prompted to Allow admin usage data collection. If the user agrees to data collection, the data captured from Admin activity is sent to Adobe Analytics for analysis and reporting. Typical events include page views, save actions, and changes to Magento mode. See Store Adminfor more information.

Below is how it’s easy for Developers too.

  • Enable template path hits so they can see file location at front-end.
  • Easy to upgrade
  • Easy to manage custom installed extension because one extension code is in single directory only
  • Advanced error log
  • Magento 2 is open source so you can install it in your localhost in free of cost.
  • Code is open source so it can be customized as per client requirement.
  • Magento site has full control so it can be customized to end level.
  • Many ready made extension available in Magento marketplace so you can find ready extension based on requirement.
  • Ask you issue to magento Magento StackExchange
  • Magento has very good developer documentation.

Thank you.

January 1, 2020
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