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How to create discounts codes and promo codes in Magento 2 ?

How to create discounts codes and promo codes in Magento 2 ?

Coupon Codes are codes used with the original cart price rules to apply some amount of disccount when some conditions are fulfilled. Coupon codes are generated to provide discount to the customer at your store. Magento provides useful option to generate Coupons to give discount to buyers at any stores. We believe that one type of benefits to your store income if you provide this option. As lots of people will come back again to your store after using the coupon code once.

Follow below steps for create discount code in magento 2

#1 Login to your magento admin.

#2 Go to Marketing → Cart Price Rules → Add new rule Provide appropriate detail information in Rule Information, Conditions, Actions, Labels and Manage Coupon Codes
magento discount code
#3 Enter a Coupon Code (Discount code) at your cart checkout page.
magento 2 cart price rules
#4 Uses per Coupon &Uses per Customer (For unlimited use, leave these fields blank) #5 Set the coupon valid for a limited period of time, complete the From and To dates. (Leave the date range empty, the rule will never expire)
magento 2 promo codes
July 21, 2017
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