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How to create configurable product in Magento 2 ?

How to create configurable product in Magento 2 ?

A configurable product is a good choice for products with multiple options. A configurable product is like a simple product with drop-down list of options for each variation.

Each option is a separate product with a unique SKU, which helps in tracking inventory for each product variation.

Following are the steps to create configurable product in Magento 2 :

#1. Click Products from the left sidebar. Under Inventory, click Catalog.

add config product

#2. Choose Configurable Product from the Add Product menu in upper right corner.

add config product 2

#3. In Product Details section, Enter Product Name, SKU and Price.

add config product 3

#4. Fill the remaining Product details.
#5. At the bottom of Product Details, expand the Configurations section. Then, tap Create Configurations.

add config product 4

#6. Select the checkbox of the attributes to be used as configuration on Product detail page.

add config product 5

#7. If you need to create new attribute, click Create New Attribute button. Complete the Attribute properties and Save the Attribute.

add config product a
add config product b

#8. After selecting all Attributes for the configurable product, click Next from upper-right corner.

add config product 6

#9. Now, mark the checkboxes of all the Attribute values for each variation of product.

add config product 7

#10. To create new Attribute value, click Create New Value. Then, enter the new value in the input box, tap the Enter arrow to save Attribute value. Each value will create a unique product SKU.
#11. In the upper-right corner, tap Next.
#12. Configure Images, Price & Quantity for all SKUs.

add config product 8

#13. The product variations now appear at the bottom of Product Details in the Configuration section.

add config product 9

#14. When complete, click Save And Close.

This configurable product and its variations will be visible in the Products Tab from admin sidebar.

March 2, 2017
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