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Five reasons to upgrade Magento 2

Five reasons to upgrade Magento 2

Five reasons to upgrade Magento 2

It is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to gain their full potential with the rapid developments and competitiveness in the ecommerce market. Magento confirmed they would discontinue their support for Magento 1 after June 2020. Magento is an open-source ecommerce CMS that means its creativity is inevitable. Magento will not be allowing the below-mentioned functionalities for Magento 1:

  • Security patches
  • Quality fixes
  • Documentation updates
Reasons to upgrade to Magento 2

Magento 2 brings big improvements to the well-known ecommerce platform. It has major advancements on the technical level, in modularity and efficiency terms, apart from design enhancements. Magento aims to expand its functionality, making it more attractive especially for larger companies.

Following are some reasons to upgrade Magento 2:

1) Enhanced checkout process

The checkout process with Magento 2, is more simplified than before. It is 38% quicker than Magento 1. Guest users can check out without registration, and automatically identify registered customers based on their email address. Some specific improvements include:

  • Automatic guest checkout
  • Order summary with thumbnails
  • Shipping rates automatically applied to carts

2) Admin panel navigation

In Magento 1 admin navigation was a little bit complicated. Nevertheless, the admin interface was improved in Magento 2. The improved administrative panel is being simplified and modernised. This is now divided into many large categories and subcategories so that the panel can be conveniently structured and navigated. It was designed to help the time required to run the store in a user-friendly manner and to make life much easier for the employees.

3) Mobile responsive

Nowadays the keyword for success in the e-commerce is sensitive. Your online store must work well on mobile devices along with desktop. This is why Magento 2 comes with the key function of mobile responsiveness. Not only does it has responsive themes, but it also comes with a mobile-friendly checkout system and integrated video features. Also the nice touchscreen admin panel, so you can monitor your store easily from your smartphone or tabs.

4) Friendly Search engine

Magento 2 will run faster than its predecessor by 20%. When it comes to e-commerce, we all know speed is a very important part. The responsive front-end design of Magento 2 makes navigation on all devices simple. That's a major advantage, as Google's algorithms officially favoured rating mobile-friendly websites.

5) Upgrade extension

It has made top easier to installing extensions in Magento 2. All the extensions sold on that platform have been explicitly monitored and tested by Magento developer's team. Among all the new extensions available for Magento 2, PayPal and Braintree, the two world's most famous online payment platform, must be two main inclusions.

April 28, 2020
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