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5 reasons why your online mart should use Magento

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5 reasons why your online mart should use Magento

5 reasons why your online mart should use Magento

Anybody who has not glanced at Magento yet, I think they should do explore it.

Magento is an open source ecommerce platform that has helped to metamorphose online shopping. Ever since it got announced, Magento got a lot of recognitions from developer and vendor community when it comes to online stores, or to put it more staunchly, when it comes to ecommerce platforms.

Here is a list I put together, to highlight the top 5 reasons to choose Magento.

1. High Performance

When it comes to page load time, query processing speed and other such performance based parameters, Magento triumphs again.
A few cent seconds of delay in processing user requests can precisely kill an e-commerce website’s potential to transform site viewers into customers; Magento with sophisticated caching techniques leaves e-commerce enterprises with no grievance.

2. Easy Integration

Incorporating Magento with a multiple third party services including payment gateways integration, merging database applications, shipment tracking details etc, is quick and easy. It is very simple and easy to integrate Payment Gateway with Magento. In addition to this, the Magento platform is already integrated with Google Analytics, Google Checkout and Google Base.

3. SEO-friendly

Magneto’s SEO friendly composition and inbuilt tools fortify that your website will be one step ahead then your leading competitors.
Some of the salient SEO friendly features that are inbuilt to Magento include:
1. Search Engine Friendly revises.
2. Command over Meta Tags for each Page, Product and Category
3. Automatic generation of xml Sitemaps
These features have intensely improved your websites viability online and are an excellent reason to choose Magento.

4. Scalability

The community edition of Magento is notably scalable and is relevant for retailers of all sizes. With larger vendors based on the community edition, lots of the functionality from Enterprise implemented on Community, such as full-page caching is observed.
Small scale retailers who are using Magento Community can operate knowing that their platform will allow them to grow substantially without obstructing them.

5. Multi-store capacity

Magento is offbeat then other similar platforms; it doesn’t restrict you to using a single online store. Alternatively, you have the potential to run multiple stores from the same back-end interface, with all subtle information for all of your stores accessible on the same admin panel.

Both Community and Enterprise volumes of Magento e-commerce CMS are now assimilated in multiple HTML5 potentiality, thus ensuring provision of surpassing mobile shopping experiences.

July 30, 2014
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